Learn about myfxtop

  • 2010
    Trading team established
  • 2016
    Create a fund company
  • 2017
    Create MyFxtop Platform
  • 2020
    Cooperation and win-win

MyFxtops(www.MyFxtops.com)MyFxtops is mainly engaged in research, development and operation of internet and mobile internet technology products, and the corporate headquarters is located in Hong Kong.

In 2010, we built the trading team starting from financial services; In 2016, we founded the leading asset management team in the industry and started the professional development; In 2017, we established the MyFxtops Forex Social Trading Platform; We devoted ourselves in the global investor services.

At present, the company is made up of a experienced internet technology team and a senior asset management team in the industry to form a operation and maintenance team for platform with complete technical force, safe and stable trading, rigorous risk control and mature management.The platform has three small groups, which are charge of network technology, mathematical interaction, trading science separately, to complete synchronous trading, statistics, visual operation, intelligent wind control, big data collection and multi-dimensional work with common collaboration and solve the synchronization obstacles of cross-platform, the interaction resource occupation of internal and external network, the difference of trading environment, collection and defense of trading exceptions and other difficulties fundamentally to give the broad traders more convenient, faster and more accurate services, which let the traders be more intelligent, reduce the risk and get real profits.
Myfxtop trading community takes financial technology as the core drivers, Forex Social Trading Platform as entry point to reshape the trading community and follow the new way of trading; And observe the end line strictly, respect the market and take conformance, rationality and innovation as basic principles. In the new era of foreign exchange industry development, let’s build a great blueprint of foreign exchange social transactions together.

Artificial intelligence The future is coming

Intelligent investment advisory system: MyFxtops devotes themselves in the research and development of AI replication trading system and because intelligent investment advisory system can overcome many weaknesses of human nature(Such as greed, prejudice, fear, cowardice, sentimentality and so on) and break the restrictions of traditional investment advisory services(Starting with a million dollars, complex service process, high service fees, no consultation at anytime and anywhere,uneven investment advisory level and so on), it meets the investment advisory demand of ordinary investors with the maximum extent, which makes it become the popular system foreign exchange investment market in recent years!


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