Risk warning

1.MyFxtops made it clear that foreign exchange, CFDs, derivatives and other financial instruments carries significant risks and is not suitable for all investors.

2.MyFxtops only provides technical services such as strategic market, copy-trading, and community services. MyFxtops does not instigate users to buy and sell foreign exchange, CFDs, derivatives and other financial instruments.

3.The trading strategies and the trading signals generated by MyFxtops system do not represent any form of recommendation or inducement. MyFxtops does not offer any form of investment advice.

4.MyFxtops is a copying community across brokerage platforms. There may be differences in spreads, trading types, and opening / closing hours between your follow-up orders and traders.

5.MyFxtops cannot ensure that you will make profits when you place an order follow a trader, and the current profits of traders only represent past performance and does not represent future performance.

6.There are some risks in trading services using the internet which include hardware, software or internet connection and other uncontrollable factors such as signal intensity, reception or path of the Internet, device hardware or software configuration, or reliability of internet connection and so on.

7.MyFxtops will not take any responsibility to the loss caused by communication failure in the internet trading and misinformation and delay.

8.Volatility or illiquidity of investment market of global financial products such as precious metals and forex exchange maybe stop the commission from conduct in a favorable price or it is not able to be conducted fundamentally. If it leads to the failure to conduct the trading to cause any loss, damage, cost or expense(Include but not be limited to the loss of profit, loss of use, direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damage) because of the situation of market and the mistakes of your broker, MyFxtops will not take any responsibility.

9. It is recommended you to use the computer(PC machine) to visit MyFxtop and please keep the cautious attitude when you use iPhone, Android and other handheld mobile devices to trade or receive data on myfxtop platform because handheld mobile device depends on wireless connection and will be limited by the 3G, WiFi and GPRS internet. Therefore, It is impossible for us to provide investors with the Myfxtop platform with the same functionality, which they visit by the computer. If you have any loss, damage, cost or expense(The loss of profit, loss of use, direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damage and so on) because of the using of handheld mobile device, MyFxtops will not take any responsibility.

10.Followers follows the popular traders to place an order and they may lead that some or all products cannot be copied successfully because of different brokers, different account types, different account capital units. MyFxtop will not make a promise that all products must follow successfully.

Our company may provide this statement or any other documents, information and messages to partners in various language. This statement stipulates that partners should admit and confirm that the working language of the company is Chinese. If there are some conflicts or inconsistency situation between the non-Chinese expression and the Chinese expression in any document, information and message, the two parts should take Chinese documents, information and messages as the standard.

—— MyFxtop Limited


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