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Strategy 1: Before you start

1. Examine strategy managers

Before a follower decides to follow a strategy, he needs to examine whether the trading data of the strategy is worth copying.

Followers need to examine the strategy's trading cycle, profitability time, maximum drawdown rate, historical trading orders, trading reports, various parameter indicators, and determine whether the strategy can follow.

2.How to set the follow size

After you decide to follow the strategy, you should observe the balance of the trading account of the strategy, the amount of transaction orders, and calculate the proportion of the transaction size that you need to follow.

If the following strategy is often very large, followers should set the following size ratio according to their own funds.

3.Set the maximum allowable number of positions

When following a trading strategy, in order to avoid uncontrollable risks, you can set the maximum number of positions allowed.

4. It is not recommended to follow in reverse.

Strategy 2: Follow a fixed size forward
The following situations are suitable for fixed size follow:
1. If the strategic trading is frequent and the winning rate is high, but the profit points of each transaction are relatively small;
2. The size of the strategic transaction is relatively large, the number of orders is small, and the stop loss is set in the transaction, and the profit curve trend increases;
3. The size of strategic transactions is not fixed, the transaction frequency is small, but the transaction winning rate is high;
4. Trading strategy Long-term trading only two or less investment products;
5. used to set the stop-loss and profit-taking and strictly execute the trading strategy
Tips:Positive fixed size followers need to focus on the success rate of the strategy.
Strategy 3: Follow the Pro-Rata Lots
The following situations are suitable for forward Pro-Rata Lots:
1. Strategic trading has a high winning rate, with a maximum of not more than one each, controlled at about 50 points, and the single maximum profit point exceeds the single maximum loss point
2. Each profitable order of the trading strategy is above 50 points, and the maximum retracement ratio is small, within 25%;
3. The strategic trading cycle is more than 10 weeks and the yield is stable.
4. The transaction volume of the trade master increases or increases positions according to Pro-Rata Lots.
Tips:Retracement rate and trend of forward Pro-Rata Lots according to demand strategy.
Strategy 4: Not suitable to follow
Do not follow if:
1. The stop loss and stop loss of strategic trading orders are all small, less than or equal to about 30 points and often loss;
2. The trading strategy has a small profit point and a large loss per transaction;
3. No stop loss trading strategy;
4. Although the success rate of the strategy is high, it often does not stop losing money, and waits until the profit is closed.
5. The trading strategy continuously increases positions in the case of losses, and the duration of the increased positions is long and there is no stop loss;
6. The single maximum loss point exceeds the maximum profit point by more than 300 points;
7. The average holding time of trading strategy orders is extremely short, in seconds.
8. Followers with trading experience can temporarily stop following if they find that the market conditions are very bad

Note: The above strategy is for reference only, it does not mean that the copy transaction will be profitable, and followers need to develop a follow-up strategy based on actual conditions. When following, followers need to strictly control the following funds and set a stop loss.


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