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The first MyFxotp users

Currently at MyFxtp, you can register with Email. After registering, the user becomes a MyFxtop user. In any case, the user can deeply experience MyFxtop's following transactions, and view, browse, and track the transaction records and transaction data of the strategy manager. You can also upload and bind your own MT4 account to become a strategy provider for analysis or copy by users.

At present, the trading strategies shown by MyFxtop require real trading accounts for regular brokers.

Article 2 Registering MyFxtop users
Enter MyFxtop's official website and click the "Register" button. You can choose to register by email or directly log in through social accounts such as WeChat.
1) Mobile number registration:
Step 1: Enter username and mobile phone number;
Step 2: Get SMS verification code and enter SMS verification code;
Step 3: Set a password;
Step 4: Fill in the invitation code.
Step 5: Registration is successful.
2) WeChat scan code login:
Step 1: Click the WeChat scan code below to enter the login page;
Step 2: Scan the QR code with WeChat;
Step 3: After scanning, our public account pops up and chooses to follow;
Step 4: The system will log in automatically after attention;
Step 5: After paying attention, you only need to scan the QR code to log in later.
Article 3 MyFxtop User Center Introduction
Log in to MyFxtop account, and users can view operations such as binding follow MT4, managing following account information, binding trading strategies, managing trading strategies, reward extraction, obtaining their own recommendation codes, and modifying their avatars. The specific account functions are introduced as follows:
4.1 Personal homepage
1) Quotes: Quotes include product list and trend chart, users can view the quotes and trade online. The product list covers trading products of a variety of investment varieties such as foreign exchange, precious metals, crude oil and indexes, and real-time quotes. Users can customize the trading varieties of interest and perform operations such as buying and selling. The market trend chart shows the current market trend of the product selected by the user, and can set the cycle, select the K-line chart style, set the chart attributes, use technical indicators, compare / add products, cancel, full screen mode and other operations.
2) My investment portfolio: display the user's simulated autonomous trading and follow-up income, such as income, autonomous trading and following transaction information.
3) Position order: Display the user's current simulated position order status, such as the number of positions, floating income, position products, positions, profit and loss, etc., and can perform fast liquidation, liquidation and other operations.
4) Online chat: Users can chat with other users on the platform in real time on a topic, or build a chat room on a topic. Currently online chat supports posting text and emoticons, displaying the current number of online chat rooms in real time. Users can follow or unfollow a certain topic chat room.
5) FireWire Express: 24 hours to provide users with the latest foreign exchange SMS reports.
6) Financial calendar: to provide users with relevant financial indicators of major countries in the world, financial and economic events forecast information; today's attention: for users to recommend the most popular discussion topics every day.
4.2 Transaction Management
1) Trading: display trading products covering a variety of varieties such as foreign exchange, precious metals, crude oil, indices, as well as information on positions and pending orders. Users can perform simulated buy, sell, pending orders, fast liquidation, liquidation, and all liquidation operations.
2) Quotes: Display the market trend chart of the currently selected products and information on positions and pending orders.
3) History: Show all the information of closed orders, users can query the order information.
4) Reports: Display report information such as following income sources, recent daily income, total income floating trend, daily income, daily trading lots, and total transactions.
5) Funds: Display the account calculation formula and current amount of funds such as account net value, balance, total income and total interest.
6) Follow: Shows the user's follow-up situation, such as the overall situation of the follow-up transaction, the profit brought by the follower, the follow-up profit and loss statement, and position information. The user can switch to view all the following situations and edit the following.
4.3 Social Management
1) Follow the news: Show other users' Weibo news that the user is following.
2) Circle of friends: Show the Weibo news of friends who follow each other.
3) Follow: Shows the number of friends and basic information that users follow.
4) Comment: Display the user's commented and commented Weibo content.
4.4 Personal settings
1) Personal information settings: users can upload avatars and edit basic information.
2) Trading settings: Users can view demo account information, real account application progress, fill in or modify trading strategy descriptions, enable or disable fast order placement and fast position closing settings.
3) Account security settings: The user can modify the password.
Article 5 Follow
The steps for setting a follow policy are as follows:
Step 1: Select the trader you want to follow. Enter the trader ranking page, sort and filter according to relevant data indicators or find a trader suitable for you according to the broker, nickname, etc .;
Step 2: Set up a follow-up strategy, place a fixed number of orders, or place a proportional order. For example: set a fixed number of 0.1 lots, regardless of the number of orders placed by your trader, your number of lots will be 0.1 lots; set to 0.5 times the proportion to follow, the trader will place an order of 1 lot, your lot will be 0.5
Step 3: Set the following direction. Follow forward to execute transactions consistent with the trader's signal; Follow backwards to execute trades contrary to the trader's signal.
Article 6 Number of followers
6.1 Regardless of the number of lots placed by a trader, all follow-up transactions will be executed according to the number of lots set by the follower (simulation account time limit) if funds are allowed.
6.2 Different brokers have different restrictions on the minimum number of open positions. When the number of followers is less than the minimum number of open positions of the broker, the system defaults to the minimum number of open positions.
Article 7 Ranking of Traders
7.1 MyFxtop trader rankings are ranked according to the following indicators of profit, profit points, ME index, maximum retracement, number of fans, trading cycle and other indicators. Users can select suitable traders based on this;
7.2 The user can also choose based on the basic information of the trader and the information of the trading trend;
7.3 In addition to using the above methods, followers can also screen traders who suit their needs based on different parameter combinations.
Article 8 Risk Control
Followtrade's follow-up system is equipped with a complete automated risk control strategy. From the aspects of fund guarantee, single transaction, maximum open order amount, maximum trading lot, trading period, etc., it monitors and handles risks in real-time, 24/7 to protect account security.
Article 9 Followtrade technology
Followtrade, which is a synchronous and accurate follow trading system. The system detects the trader's trading behavior, automatically compares the trader's trading signal with the follower strategy set by the follower, and places an order according to the follower strategy to automatically and accurately follow the trade.

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